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Plenty of companies can provide you with market rents and availabilities. But which location is the right location for your project? That level of advice takes local knowledge and deep insight, the kind Cushman & Wakefield has been providing clients for generations.

We provide the most timely, highest-quality information and analysis to help our clients optimize their real estate decisions. We achieve this goal through our vast resources, worldwide coverage, and multi-disciplined approach.

In this biannual assessment of the Minneapolis/St. Paul commercial real estate market, our market experts analyze real estate trends and help you understand the near-term prospects for all commercial property sectors.

Our Market Overview provides an in-depth look at the vibrant Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area beyond commercial real estate.

Cushman & Wakefield produces an extensive array of global market reports and white papers providing insights on the commercial real estate market as well as the performance of various industry segments.