• Tax Reduction

    Land Specialists:
    Minnesota & Wisconsin

We take a creative approach to reducing the total tax liability rather than fighting over the assessed value.  If a property is greater than ten acres in size, we work with farmers to establish a crop, ultimately changing the land designation to agricultural.  This will drop the tax rate to as low as 1% of the current assessed value; whereas typical tax rates are close to 3.5% of the current assessed value.  Dropping the tax rate by over 2% can save a client hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Last year we saved clients over $1,000,000 by implementing this unique strategy.  Having a lower tax burden will also make the property more marketable to third parties.

We have been successful 100% of the time and have recently completed over 20 tax reduction assignments locally. Our tax reduction clients include: United Properties, Children’s Hospital, Bremer Bank, Interstate Companies, Frattalone Companies, Dale Properties, Imation and many others.

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