Land Brokerage

Land Specialists:
Minnesota & Wisconsin

More so than in any other field in real estate, land brokerage involves more than just transactional knowledge. Practitioners need to have excellent relationships with governmental agencies, environmental, legal, engineering and construction firms with whom to consult, thus providing their clients with the highest quality representation. Cushman & Wakefield’s Land Brokerage Team has the resources and relationships to provide the highest quality representation, as evidenced by our completed transactions.

We specialize in all types of land acquisition and disposition including: farmland, multifamily, single family, master planned communities, mining, rail, retail, office and industrial. We are consistently involved with every aspect of the transaction, from assisting in land-use and re-zoning efforts to the selection of the correct third party consultants for the asset.

One of the most critical decisions a user or developer can make is where future facilities or projects will be located and who will represent them in those transactions. The Cushman & Wakefield Land Brokerage Team has been facilitating clients’ expansion and site selection needs for 15 years and has become an industry leader in that role.

The viability of a location to serve the needs of a client is the number one goal. Our site selection process starts with an evaluation of what the client needs to achieve from the location and an analysis of how our team can best facilitate those needs. We have the latest mapping and demographics software available to help visualize – real time – how particular markets and specific locations compare to the client’s goals.  Whether it is an industrial facility where seconds count to ensuring your product is efficiently distributed to your clients or the location of an expanding bank branch or supermarket, Cushman & Wakefield’s Land Brokerage Team is second to none in creating value for this extremely important business decision.

With our extensive awareness of current market conditions and knowledge of competitive land parcels, we can provide potential sellers with the most informed and accurate estimate of what a parcel is worth in today’s market.  We excel at developing strategies to achieve optimum pricing, while ensuring minimal transaction risk.

We understand the time sensitivity involved in commercial real estate transactions and we ensure our clients’ best interests are secured in this fast moving market.